November 18, 2009

How we met – Marty’s version

Well, it was during hockey season! (The best season of the year no?) Lol. I went to my best friend’s house – (Allan) with a flat (or a case, depending on who you talk to) of beer. The Calgary Flames (the best team in the NHL) was playing the Edmonton Whiners (Oiler’s) in Cow town. Al was on the computer emailing some chick he had classes with at University.
I did not think much of it at the time. I just wanted to get drunk and watch the blood bath aka the battle of Alberta Lol. I do not remember who won, but it was a good game nonetheless. After all, it was the Alberta War after all!
The next day was the same thing, I came over, and this time Al had the beer. (When there is no beer there is no hockey!) Al was emailing the same chick, turned to me, and said, out of nowhere - I think you two would make a cute couple! He told me a bit about her, and forced me to email her. We corresponded a few times via Al’s computer (since I had none), and a month after our first emails, we met at a very romantic place – DQ! Lol ;-)!  The next day (September 22, the day before her birthday), I asked her out and she said yes. That is how I remember it anyway. I will get Janice to tell her side of it and Allan’s side too.