December 3, 2009


I know it's over 100 days until our sacred festival of Spring, but since it's starting to get cold out there, and the snow has/is/is going to fly, let's warm your thoughts to Spring. How are you going to bring in the spring? Most of us do things like spring-cleaning; spring shopping, dusting off the sports equipment cetera. That is common stuff, but I am talking about the five areas of readiness:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Psychological
  • Spiritual
  • Emotional

I will discuss each in separate blog entries, so you can comment on them individually. Each holy holiday the Celts celebrate requires preparation in these five areas. If any is left out, something will be missed in preparing, celebrating and/or winding down. When I mention Spiritual, I do not mean the religious meaning, but the excitement/the spirit of the respective celebration. For those who wish to make this a religious experience that can easily be incorporated into the Féis. (Féis, (pronounced Fesh) is the Irish word for festival.) I welcome comments on this topic, so please, if you have anything to say regarding Oimelc (Imbolg), please, do not hesitate. If you have any questions, please post them too. If I cannot answer them, I know people who can.