April 4, 2010

WTF? We now have to buy air for our tires @ Petro-Canada?

We went for a walk to Petro-Canada (the nearest gas station to us) to fill Aislyn bike tires up for the bike riding season. When we got there, we discovered Petro-Canada now charges their customers to put air in the tires! What's up with that? Do they not make enough money (in the billions), that they need to charge a loony to fill up tires with FREE (to them) air? What a rip-off! Lucky for us, we met a very nice woman who lent Aislyn a loony to fill her bike tires. I will not go back to Petro-Canada again, until they stop charging for air! They make more money than most people will make in 100 lifetimes, yet they are charging us for filling up flat or low tires! Greed is no-longer right-winged blue, it's now Petro-Canada Red too! The sad thing is, people will (and have - [we did]) buy into their greed! Like I said earlier, I am boycotting Petro-Canada, you should too!

On a better note, Once we did (grudgingly) fill the bike tires up, Aislyn rode her bike all the way back home, without complaining about being tired. In-facet, she wanted to continue! We called Emma - (one of her friends) to join in the fun when it warms up a bit. (+4oC with a wind-chill of - 1oC currently). We are supposed to have a high of +8oC. My bike was stolen last year, so I'm bike-less for the moment, but I'm going to the next RCMP bike auction to see if I can get myself a good bike for a reasonable price. I'm not sure when the next auction is, so I'd best start calling them on the morrow eh?  I'm looking forward on having a bike, so we can bike together as a family. Like researchers claim: "Families who ride together, tend to stay together!"

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