December 9, 2009

Up Her Nose

Yesterday, we had an adventure with Danika again! (who else? lol :) ). Whilst eating her lunch, which consisted of vegetables (carrots, peas and corn). She ate 3/4 of her lunch when she got full. Instead of leaving it, or dropping it on the floor, as normal for her, she proceeded to stuff them up her nose. When I got to her, and proceeded to get them out, I got out six peas and one kernel of corn. (keep in mind Danika is only 22 months old!). How on Earth did a person so young/small shove that much food up ONE nostril, I'll never know! Anyway, I than looked up her nose with a flashlight and saw ANOTHER pea, jammed way way way up there! I went to the walk-in clinic and was told to go to emergency! It took 3/4's of an hour to get the last pea out! She fought the whole time, making it extremely difficult to get a hold of the blasted pea. I hope that experience will stop her from shoving anything else up there, but I'm not holding my breadth!

Has anyone of you had that (or similar) adventure with your children, or, as a child, did you do something like that? Let us know what you did to get the obstruction out. I'd like to know, just in case this happens again.

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