May 27, 2010

City of Regina's RETARDED new fire pit bylaws

"a curfew for fire pits. Residents will not be allowed to use fire pits between the hours of 1 am and noon"

So, on a weekend, when entertaining, or just lounging around, we HAVE TO WAIT TILL 12 FU+;)!G NOON to enjoy a back yard fire? Are they (city officials) on crack? I can see banning it from midnight to 8:00 am on weekends, and 10:00am on week days, but to ban it all the way to noon? That is among the most retarded law I have heard of! It rates up there with the federal firearm laws!

"Fire pits must be placed at least three meters from any combustible materials such as fences and houses."

That distance is too much! I can see 2 meters, but a full 3 meters? I can see if the fire was close to very combustible things like a pile of leaves, but most houses won't catch fire directly due to a back yard fire pit! Most houses over 40 years old or newer, have a siding that cannot catch fire like metal, stucco, stone or brick! Wood won't catch due to a few tiny sparks that WILL go out the moment they contact ANY surface that is colder than the sparks.

Now, I am talking about a reasonable sized fire, not one with a 1 meter + flame! A 35 cm flame is good enough for most out door entertaining!

I am just waiting for the courts to be back logged even more because of the city counselors stupidity! Until now, they were doing an ok job, but now, there brains have shut down completely!

Too bad most smart people avoid politics eh? Lol!
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