November 28, 2009

In cold deep water

This morning, Janice and I took the girls to swimming lessons. When backing into the parking stall, I noticed three girls on the very thin ice on the lake a little was of the building. just as we reached the doors to the building, I heard a girl yelling for help. I told Janice to go with the girls and get them ready for their lessons whilst I check out the call for help. One of the girl's cousins came and told me her cousin fell into the watter. I made a quick scan of the lake but didn't see anyone (where is she I thought). Then I looked at the two girls walking a bit a way behind the one calling for help and one was dripping wet! I dropped under the safety wires, barring the upper level parking lot to the lower level playground and ran towards the wet girl. Seeing she was almost out of energy, and her leg muscles were ready to give, I picked her up and carried her into the building and left her in the care of the lifeguards. I made a written statement for the pool people, which was given to the police. After that, I watched my two girls during their swimming lessons. A journalism student wants to interview me sometime this week. I'm going to request the girl's mom and the girl be included in the interview, since it is after all, about them more so than myself.

This evening, the girl and her mother came over and gave me a beautiful gift basket of fruit and a Rider's West Division Champs T-Shirt. I will treasure the basket and the T-shirt always. I am just glad everything turned out for the best and no one was seriously hurt.

Cold HotWater

I was doing dishes and we had no hot water. The water was still cold during the girls baths. Thus we thought we needed to replace our hot water tank. Nope! When I went down to get the numbers on the tank, I noticed the heating dile was dialed down to "vacation"! Our little rascal - Danika had been playing with it, thus we had no heat for the day.

Danika and the Bath

Good day all,

This evening, we gave Danika a bath, but instead of us putting her in it, she climbed in herself! That was cool, but not as funny as after she was dried and into her PJ's. Aislyn was having a bath after Danika's. I was doing dishes when Janice was calling Danika. We then heard Aislyn in the bath laughing and saying Danika's name. Jance went in the bathroom and started laughing and told me to "check this out". There was Aislyn in her bath playing with a fully PJ'd Danika, in the bath with her! That was the third exciting thing today.

November 19, 2009

Aislyn is 5 years old today!

Today my eldest daughter turns the big 05! I can not believe she is FIVE already! It seams only a few short while's ago she was just a baby! Now my baby's in Kindergarten and has passed her third straight Scottish Highland Dance test a week and a half ago. On the other hand, has it only been 5 years? It seams I have known her for ever in this lifetime! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BIG 5 YEAR OLD GIRL! I love you!

November 18, 2009

How we met – Marty’s version

Well, it was during hockey season! (The best season of the year no?) Lol. I went to my best friend’s house – (Allan) with a flat (or a case, depending on who you talk to) of beer. The Calgary Flames (the best team in the NHL) was playing the Edmonton Whiners (Oiler’s) in Cow town. Al was on the computer emailing some chick he had classes with at University.
I did not think much of it at the time. I just wanted to get drunk and watch the blood bath aka the battle of Alberta Lol. I do not remember who won, but it was a good game nonetheless. After all, it was the Alberta War after all!
The next day was the same thing, I came over, and this time Al had the beer. (When there is no beer there is no hockey!) Al was emailing the same chick, turned to me, and said, out of nowhere - I think you two would make a cute couple! He told me a bit about her, and forced me to email her. We corresponded a few times via Al’s computer (since I had none), and a month after our first emails, we met at a very romantic place – DQ! Lol ;-)!  The next day (September 22, the day before her birthday), I asked her out and she said yes. That is how I remember it anyway. I will get Janice to tell her side of it and Allan’s side too.

November 11, 2009

First Post

Hi everyone, Marty here. This is only a test post, to see how everything works here. I'll start out, tomorrow, on how Janice and I met. It's a good one. Till then, have a nice morning/afternoon/evening/night.