August 30, 2010

Mall Horse ride

Janice n' I took Danika to DQ, then to Zellers. (we bought new dance outfits for the girls as well as a cute lil' outfit for Danika). On our way out we let Danika ride on the mall horse, which she just loved!

Probably more to come today. We'll see.
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First school desk!

This is Aislyn's very first desk! Pamela and Afia are in the same room, but on the other side of the room! (which might be a good thing lol)
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Already for Grade One's First Day!

Clad in a new purple dress, purple shoos, her rain coat and brand new princess backpack, Aislyn is all set and awaiting her first buss ride to GRADE ONE!
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Gaming kitten

Sapphire, our 6 month kitten, decided to have a rest in Aislyn's Dora game.
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August 14, 2010

Gimme that old time Rock n' Roll

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We're @ my friend's wedding supper/reception/dance and Danika and Janice are doing the twist.
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August 6, 2010

True Grit Liberal!

    The Tories bumble through politics, creating there own versions of things. They are very good at it too. Listen to Mr. Day and his rants on unreported events, crime in particular. He says, unreported (meaning no one has ever reported it, thus cannot be proven one way or the other in a factual way), crime is on the rise! Now, how can any one know that for sure? It's not reported, thus no one knows about it, save for the participants! These supposed  "unreported crimes" are not on any record so, How can ANYONE know anything about these unreported events? (Without making it up that is). Mr. Day has obviously conjured this out of thin air, for how else could he come to know this information?

    For you non-Canadians, Tories refers to ether: the Progressive  Conservative Party of Canada or the Conservative Party of Canada. (And this depends upon which small c conservative party is in power, or in official opposition at the time. It's a bit complicated, but in a tiny nutshell: There was the Conservative party of Canada, which changed it's name to include Progressive, so we got the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. Then another right winged party came in not that long ago, with varying names. I won't go into them right now. They merged withthe Progressive Conservatives, dropping the Progressive in the name, goingback to just plain old Conservative. (Please note the capitol "C" in the name, for it is a proper name of a political party). There still is the Progressive Conservative party of Canada, but they are much weaker and not much of a presence upon Political Canada anymore. The "old" Progressive Conservative Party of Canada are the "leftovers" of the "new" - merged, Conservative Party of Canada. They are less radical, thus kind of boring in direct comparison to "our" ruling party of the Conservative Party of Canada. I could (and probably should) go on about the evils of the Conservative (both with and without the Progressive within the name) party of Canada, but I will save that rant for another day.

    The Liberal Party merged with the True Grit Party, but retained the Liberal name. Because of the merging of these two parties, the Liberals are sometimes known as Grits.

    Suffice it to say, I am a card carrying Federal Liberal member, and proud of it! (Personally, I like the name of Grits better than Liberals. But that's just me). We show more "grit" at the table than do those snooty, high-nosed Conservatives.

    They (The Conservatives) are the upper-crust of society, looking down upon us gritty, workers, working to make them, the rich man richer, whilst we the poor Grit, get nare a penny! We are the people's party!

Marty R. Woodcock, signing off. A Proud Canadian, and a Proud Grit!