May 26, 2010

Yellow field of flowers

On our way home from Aislyn's school, Aislyn just had to stop n' pick flowers for Janice.
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Mr. Munsch!

After the Robert Munsch show, we waited in line (for about an hour) for the Great Bard himself to autograph the three books we bought @ the show: "Smelly Socks", "The Sand Castle Contest" and "Get Out Of Bed". Robert Munsch also allowed us to take pictures of himself and the girls. It was long after the girls bed time when we got home (after 9:00pm). The girls didn't get to bed till 10:00pm. True to form, that was perfect for Aislyn, but a way to late for Danika. However, Danika got out of bed @ 5:00am this morning, and Aislyn slept till 8:00am (typical wake up time lol). Me thinks an early bed time this evening eh?
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