March 25, 2010

Dress up Danika

Danika wanted to see what she looks like in daddy's glasses. She calls this picture "cute". Reply to the blog post to give your opinion!
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Yesterday, someone almost sideswiped me! The girls and I were on our way to pick up Janice from work when this idiot crossed two lanes and wanted in where I was! (Is not one of the laws of physics: No two solid objects may occupy the same space at the same time? I guess some laws [even laws of nature], are optional eh?) I do not know if he was drinking, but he was sure driving recklessly!

On the lighter side, I found this funny picture on the net whilst looking up funny car crashes for this article. I am sure glad this car is not ours! Even if it were, having a Nike soccer ball totaling our car would be funny. How would one explain that to the insurance company? “I got into an accident with a soccer ball and lost!”