February 22, 2010

Mead and Wine

Janice and I are going to bottle Danika's Mead on the morrow, then start on a batch of wine for Janice's folks and possibly a batch of beer for myself. We made 12 lters of Mead for Aislyn when she was born, to be opened/cracked on her "19th" birthday, and we did the same with Danika. It's been sitting, ageing for almost 2 years, now it's time to bottle it. By the time the girls are old enough to drink it, I hope it tastes as awessome as I think it will! (and I hope they will share ;) )

Toboggining fun

Once Aislyn gets home from kindergarten, has a snack, et cetera, we'll be going toboggining! Can't wait! (She gets home from the buss @ ~ 16:11).
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Bath time fun

Last night, whilst bathing the girls, Aislyn "fluffed" in the bath. Danika (2 yo), found it funny and called Aislyn "bubble bum"!
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